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Virgo 2013 Career Horoscope

Living up to your word

Opportunities in your work life should come more easily in the first half of the year. Lucky Jupiter will be in your 10th House of Career until mid-June, boosting your chances for greater recognition. There is some risk, though, of scattering your attention with too many responsibilities. Sticking to priorities and handing off trivial tasks tests your ability as a leader. If you must scramble to stay afloat in your job, that should change when Jupiter shifts signs.

The giant planet of opportunity's move into sensitive Cancer in mid-June occurs in your 11th House of Groups. Learning to be a more effective teammate can be especially important during the subsequent 12 months. Knowing how to blend your talents with others, seeking help when you need it and landing a hand when necessary will improve your career prospects.

Sticking to your word is another important factor this year, with serious Saturn in your 3rd House of Communication. Studying subjects patiently and sharing your ideas carefully are keys to earning trust. Mastering all the facts is the first part, but sharing information with quiet confidence and sensitivity to your audience is also needed to sell your ideas.

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