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Virgo 2013 Love Horoscope

Down the rabbit hole

Relationships can be a source of ongoing confusion as mysterious Neptune continues its long-term visit to your 7th House of Partnerships. Energetic Mars joins Neptune on February 4, softening your actions and heightening your sense of romance. Although you have opportunities to explore new emotional territory this year, mischievous Mercury may be the source of misunderstandings as it retrogrades in your 7th House on February 23 to March 17. Send your sweetheart flowers or write a romantic poem on February 28, when charming Venus hooks up with illusory Neptune.

Fantasy can lead to magical love, but disillusionment may follow, especially when somber Saturn trines nebulous Neptune on June 11 and July 19. Turning your dreams into reality can be a powerful process that gives romance an enduring quality. Sharing what's in your heart may create logistical problems during August, when your feelings clash with someone else's agenda. But your courage pays off if you're willing to enter into discussions about your desires, even if you don't know where the conversations will lead. Thankfully, a harmonizing Jupiter-Saturn trine on December 12 is a clear sign that things are beginning to return to normal.

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