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2014 Career Horoscopes

Go big or go home

Professional prospects might not be especially bright when the New Year begins. Although January starts with the Sun in ambitious and hard-working Capricorn, getting a fair return on our efforts could be difficult at first.

That's because Venus, the planet of approval, rewards and income, is retrograde until January 31. This backward motion tends to complicate working relationships and delay recognition for a job well done. Still, this does give us a second chance to consider our career goals, and perhaps to repair on-the-job alliances. Venus Retrograde is also a time to reconnect with people from the past and revive old creative interests.

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January 31 marks another key event as visionary Jupiter opposes powerful Pluto. This is their second opposition (the third and final one on April 20 will complete the pattern). These aspects intensify our view of the future as we can go to extremes from unbridled enthusiasm to profound self-doubt. The point, however, is to examine beliefs and aspirations to decide if they are still pertinent. We often hold on to ideas and expectations that have outlived their usefulness.

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These transits demand a greater investment in our current course of action that might help us realize we're on the wrong path. Expansive Jupiter also squares volatile Uranus on February 26 and April 20, which can provoke radical behavior. Restlessness and rebellion make it harder to follow the rules or settle for a boring routine. While this could trigger impulsive actions you might regret, if intuition and inspiration are strong it could lead to a professional breakthrough. In either case standing still and playing it safe is less likely to succeed than doing something large or small to spice up your work life.

A notable shift occurs in July, when Jupiter leaves cautious Cancer and enters dramatic Leo on July 16, where it will stay for the next 12 months. The planet of opportunity's move into the fiery sign of the Lion encourages creativity and risk-taking in professional matters. While Cancer is largely about playing it safe, advancing slowly or simply trying to hold onto what we've got, Leo is ready to roll the dice to get more out of our professional lives.

Fiery Leo is about creativity, sales, promotion and performance. Coming on stronger could sometimes lead to making promises that aren't easy to fulfill. Yet it's better to push the limits of individual courage and imagination in pursuit of a bigger payoff than to feel stifled by playing it safe. It's also possible that Jupiter in Leo will kick up big plans that won't be ready for implementation until the end of the year. Serious Saturn enters Jupiter's home sign of Sagittarius on December 23, which gives structure to grand visions, making them more viable then and throughout 2015.

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