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2014 Love Horoscopes

Freedom and fairness

The New Year rolls in on a serious note when it comes to matters of the heart. Love planet Venus is in responsible Capricorn, where practical considerations are as important as emotional ones. This may not be especially tender or romantic, but it's meant to reduce sensitivity enough for us to be able to make sensible decisions.

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The retrograde motion of amorous Venus ends on January 31, and then we can begin moving ahead in the pursuit of pleasure and fulfilling partnerships. However, we may still be dealing with old business until March 4, when Venus passes the point at which she turned retrograde back in late December. Attraction to people from the past or getting a second chance to connect with someone new is expected during this period.

April 15, give or take a week or two, is another key time regarding relationships. The Full Moon in accommodating Libra opposes the Sun in independent Aries, triggering reassessment of personal matters. This event, though, is also a Lunar Eclipse that is likely to make fairness a concern. If we're not getting back what we give in a current alliance, adjustments are recommended.

Planning for the future

For people who are single and looking, this is a time to recognize the need for equality in future alliances. Those who placate others while hiding or denying their own desires are ripe for changes of behavior needed to bring more balance into their lives.

On October 8, another Lunar Eclipse affects relationships with the Aries Moon's opposition to the lovely Libra Sun. This one is more intense than the April 15 event, because restless, reckless and radical Uranus is joined with the Moon, while provocative Pluto is a tense 90-degrees away. These are volatile yet potentially transforming influences that work best when we aim toward a more exciting future instead of trying to stick to old social patterns.

The rewards are freedom, excitement and stimulation for those willing to take chances, but uncertainty and instability may grow even stronger for those standing pat.

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