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Aquarius 2014 Career Horoscope

Opening new doors

There's an important planetary shift this year that could take your career in an exciting new direction. Gigantic Jupiter, traditional Astrology's luckiest planet, is leaving the bottom of your chart on July 16 and going above the horizon to increase your visibility to others.

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While Jupiter's presence in your 6th House of Employment until then does offer some work-related benefits, it's more about developing skills and planning projects that will be more appealing to others as of mid-July.

Personal and business development

The confidence and creativity that emerge then, when Jupiter enters bold Leo, is a signal to come on stronger in presenting yourself and your ideas to others. It's also possible that you will attract more dynamic individuals starting then, which is fine as long as they don't overshadow you. Developing working relationships in which you get to express yourself more freely will raise your profile. In fact, this 12-month transit is excellent for starting or expanding a business.

If you do overreach, especially when you're inspired by original thinking around February 26 and April 20, you may need to adjust your ambitions this fall. A Solar Eclipse in budget-minded Scorpio occurs in your 10th House of Career on October 23. Eliminating or reducing tasks helps you focus your energy where it will be most productive. You may be challenged to reconsider the value of a cherished idea, yet your willingness to cut commitments in unprofitable areas will free up resources needed to sustain essential efforts. Necessity takes precedence over idealism in the last quarter of the year.

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