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Aries 2014 Horoscopes

Address your emotional issues

The first half of the year is about solidifying your foundation and reshaping your relationships. Wise Jupiter is in caring Cancer and your 4th House of Roots until July 16, expanding self-knowledge and giving a solid base to your aspirations. It's time to learn from your past -- not by punishing yourself or blaming others, but by being more tender and nurturing to yourself.

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Cancer is the sign of feeding, and the 4th house is how we feel inside. It's the house of family experiences and it is filled with memories, but you're not the type who likes to look back. Nevertheless, Jupiter brings good fortune when you broaden your perspective, even when it reminds you of difficult experiences from your past.

Still, the self-protective instincts of Cancer clash with Aries' more spontaneous approach to life. You're willing to take some bruises if it's fun or gets you what you want. This toughness is often helpful, but it can also desensitize you to your own needs. Facing these desires is Cancer's challenge to Aries that can reward you with deeper, more nourishing emotional and physical roots from which your personal and professional lives can grow.

Diving deep with Saturn in Scorpio

Addressing deeper emotional issues is the demand of structuring Saturn in Scorpio until December 23. This key transit has been going on in your 8th House of Deep Sharing since October 2012. Yes, this can complicate relationships as a result of mistrust or unfulfilled expectations. Yet being more deliberate in thinking about what you want and what you're willing to give in partnerships of all kinds can build powerful alliances and eliminate connections that are not providing what you need.

Your somewhat independent and self-reliant sign usually avoids relying too much on others. While this is reasonable much of the time, demanding Saturn's two-year transit of your intimate 8th house requires more careful analysis of partnerships. These issues are highlighted from March 1 until May 19, while your assertive ruling planet Mars is retrograde. Its backward motion may cause delays and certainly suggests the need to readjust your agreements with others.

Friends and foes

Mars makes this shift in Libra and your 7th House of Relationships, which is why this always-important area of life is even more significant in the first half of 2014. Take advantage of this period to reassess your alliances and to consider changing course if necessary. You can do this graciously enough to avoid hard feelings if unions end or radically change form. Entering into new agreements can be complicated during Mars' retrograde cycle, though, signaling the need to assess people and projects very carefully before making any significant moves.

On July 16, jolly Jupiter strides into bold Leo and your 5th House of Self-Expression. This fortunate planet's 12-month presence in this part of your chart is excellent for performing, creativity, play and romance. Joy and generosity are keys to getting the most out of this encouraging, risk taking and entrepreneurial transit. Getting attention will come more easily, but make sure that you can back up any sales pitch with the expertise and commitment it takes to turn it into reality.

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