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Aries 2014 Love Horoscope

Rise and shine

Relationships will continue to require more work as demanding Saturn occupies your 8th House of Intimacy through late December. Adjusting to others' needs could make you feel like you're in second place, but paying more attention to partners' desires will at least keep you in the game. It's understandable if there are times when you're tempted to withdraw into your own world, where you don't need to listen, accommodate or compromise.

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Fortunately, generous Jupiter's presence in tender Cancer and your 4th House of Inner Life lasts until July 16, revealing unconscious patterns that may have limited your capacity to receive in relationships. Still, a playful period begins when amorous Venus enters your sign on May 2. People will find you more attractive, especially when you're excited about a new project or change of style. While this fast transit ends on May 28, there is an even bigger wave of personal opportunity ahead.

A fiery dose of love potion

On July 16, Jupiter strides into outgoing Leo and your 5th House of Romance, where it will spend a year boosting your confidence and creativity. Getting attention will come easily as your sense of adventure encourages you to take risks. This is a great period to earn appreciation for your generosity, so give freely and you will get back even more in return.

Your passionate planet Mars enters intense Scorpio and your 8th House of Intimacy on July 25, initiating a six-week dive into powerful emotions that can push relationships to extremes and force you to deepen a commitment, fix a major problem or start looking for a way out.

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