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Cancer 2014 Love Horoscope

Taking charge

The first half of 2014 is filled with opportunities for you to grow in self-confidence and make a bigger impression on other people. Gigantic Jupiter, traditional Astrology's luckiest planet, is in your sweet sign until July 16, adding joy and wisdom to your 1st House of Personality. You will probably feel encouraged to take some uncharacteristic risks in sharing your feelings and taking the lead in relationships.

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There may be some bumpy moments around January 31 and April 20, when Jupiter opposes powerful Pluto and can take emotions to extremes. Similarly, Jupiter's challenging squares with volatile Uranus on February 26 and April 20 spur restlessness and possibly spring surprises. The good news about these periods, though, is that they can empower you with a stronger sense of what you want and don't want from others and free you from old partnership patterns that have been holding you back.

Love from a different perspective

It's likely you will begin the year with a need to redefine your role in relationships. The love planet Venus is running in reverse in your 7th House of Others until January 31, making you more aware of the effort needed to put your personal life in order.

Working harder to reach your goals with the one you're with or in finding someone new will continue to be key issues as alluring Venus remains in this sharing part of your chart through March 5. Then a more relaxed and open-minded attitude will be the key to developing deeper levels of intimacy and trust.

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