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Capricorn 2014 Career Horoscope

Professional partners

One of the gifts of your sign is its often-perfect balance of patience and ambition. You know how to aim high, and you also know how to do the hard work and planning required to achieve your lofty goals. These qualities come in handy now because you may have to take an occasional step back before you can move ahead.

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The year opens with attractive Venus moving backwards in your sign until January 31. This indicates the need to be more careful in professional relationships. Taking the time to repair shaky alliances is worth the effort unless you want to end the connection. This Venus Retrograde period also provides you with a second chance to make a better impression on someone. A little self-improvement (of attitude, appearance or approach) can go a long way toward gaining support and encouragement from others.

Making connections

Then, from March 1 until May 14, aggressive Mars is retrograde in your 10th House of Career. The warrior planet's presence in accommodating Libra can be a test of your diplomatic skills, as easygoing individuals grow testy and seemingly simple plans go awry.

A Lunar Eclipse in this part of your chart on April 15 underscores the importance of re-establishing harmony in the work place. It's better to pacify colleagues, bosses and customers, even if that slows you down, than it is to race ahead while leaving hard feelings in your wake. Fortunately, Mars' long transit of your 10th House (December 7, 2013 until July 25, 2014) also increases your opportunities to make professional connections and initiate projects with cooperative partners.

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