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Capricorn 2014 Love Horoscope

Working for love

You're likely to be challenged to re-examine your desires when the year begins. That's because 2014 starts with love planet Venus moving backward in your sign. This retrograde period lasts until January 31, which marks it as a possible period of frustration, but also one that offers a fresh perspective on your personal needs.

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Magnetic Venus stays in Capricorn until March 5, giving you plenty of opportunities to make yourself more appealing to others. The key to doing this is to start by pleasing yourself. Letting go of your own negative judgments is, of course, an excellent way to get others to see you more positively.

An interesting fact about Venus in Capricorn is that love can be earned by your efforts rather than waiting for it to fly in your window without any effort on your part. Generous Jupiter is in your 7th House of Partners until July 16, and then in your 8th House of Intimacy for 12 months, making you more attractive to others.

Love isn't a riddle when you're fit as a fiddle

Another passionate period occurs from October 26 to December 4, when energetic Mars occupies your sign. Pushing yourself to get in better physical shape comes easily with this dynamic transit. Taking the lead in relationships is also expected then.

However, ambition without tenderness comes across as pushy, while tempering your drive with a more sensitive approach to others puts you in a favorable light. This sense of desire and purpose combined with compassion is an unbeatable combination that can either take a current relationship to a higher place or put you in an excellent position to attract someone new.

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