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Gemini 2014 Horoscopes

Buckle down to business

Curiosity, cleverness and communication skills are among your strongest traits, yet 2014 is another year when buckling down and concentrating on work and other essential tasks is your most important job. This is due to the transit of orderly Saturn, which entered intense Scorpio and your 6th House of Employment in October 2012, a pattern that continues virtually all this year.

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Rather than expanding your range of skills, concentrating on one area -- boring as that might be -- should pay dividends. Eliminating distractions on the job will help you find the focus needed to get the most out of your abilities.

Luck is on the up-swing

Jupiter, on the other hand, is an expansive planet that's been moving through your 2nd House of Self-Worth since late June 2013. It will remain in this potentially lucrative part of your chart until July 16, 2014. There's still time to increase your income, which is why making your vocation a priority is worthwhile now. Investing in developing your own abilities and acquiring professional equipment is wiser than getting involved in joint ventures.

While success may occur when aligning yourself with others, Jupiter's oppositions to penny-pinching Pluto on January 31 and April 20 make these dangerous times in economic partnerships. But it's fine to team up with people then as long as you don't allow their values to pressure you into losing sight of your own goals and plans.

Spinning backward with Mercury Retrograde

Speedy Mercury is your ruling planet, making it a significant indicator of your life cycles. It turns retrograde three times a year, with backward moving periods of about three weeks each. Double-checking details and communications helps to avoid the snafus generally associated with these periods.

The first Mercury Retrograde period in 2014 is from February 2-28, when Mercury backs out of your 10th House of Career and into your 9th House of Beliefs. It's an opportunity to take a longer-term view of your professional and public aspirations. If your ambitions are not aligned with the truth in your heart, you may need to alter some of your goals.

From June 7 to July 1, the messenger planet goes retrograde in your 2nd House of Self-Worth and turns forward again in your 1st House of Self. This may require you to restart a material project and to reconsider investments of your resources.

Fixing the system

Lastly, Mercury shifts into reverse in your 6th House of Work on October 4 and returns to forward gear in your creative 5th House on October 25. While this can indicate complications on the job, the upside of this pattern is a reassessment of your methods and systems that will supply you with fresh thinking for making them more efficient.

Romance may also need to be re-evaluated when passionate Mars is retrograde in your expressive 5th House of Creativity and Romance from March 1 until May 14. Matters of the heart can turn in strange directions and public proposals may not produce results as quickly as you'd like. However, this is also a time when you can recover talents from earlier periods of your life that are ready to be used again. You may find a higher level of objectivity that helps you to see yourself as others do, which is excellent for adjusting your ways of presenting yourself that will make you more influential both personally and professionally.

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