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Leo 2014 Love Horoscope

Go for the gold

If the road to romance has been a little rocky lately, there's a major clearing job that can smooth it out this year. Gigantic Jupiter entering Leo and your 1st House of Personality on July 16 can go a long way to upgrading your personal life. Confidence and charisma soar to make you a more attractive partner.

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But if you don't feel this force right away, it will be amplified when your ruling planet, the Sun, kicks in when it enters Leo on July 22 and joins lucky Jupiter two days later. Sure, you might become wildly enthusiastic and optimistic beyond reason, but it's better to aim higher than to settle for less.

You're taking the spotlight

You will be even more appealing to others when amorous Venus enters Leo on August 12, making the fires of passion even hotter. You're unlikely to hold back your feelings now and you might overpower highly sensitive people. But as long as you're coming from your heart, there's more to be gained than lost by coming on strong.

One of the most valuable aspects of the Jupiter transit is about becoming prouder of yourself. Sure, you probably have some flaws (who doesn't?) and may have had some relationship hardships in the past, but the second half of 2014 can do wonders for overcoming any doubts you have about your value as a partner.

One thing that won't fly, though, is dealing with someone who is afraid to take chances. Fully experiencing the joys of love can be risky and if another person won't take chances, you might consider looking elsewhere for companionship.

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