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Libra 2014 Horoscopes

Use your people skills

Two planets change directions this year in patterns that are likely to affect your life. The first is Venus, your lovely ruling planet, which begins 2014 in reverse. It ends this retrograde period on January 31 in Capricorn, which is your 10th House of Career and Public Responsibility.

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It's possible you will have to iron out problems in some working relationships during Venus' backward cycle that began on December 21, 2013. A good deal of diplomacy may be required, but you're naturally attuned to the social graces needed to get what you want without ruffling feathers. The point is not to compromise so much that you wind up losing ground professionally.

Nope, this is more about using your people skills to resolve issues that block your pathway to success. While placating others may be necessary, start by being clear about your own needs. Once you're certain about what you want you'll be in a stronger and smarter position to say and do what you must to fulfill them.

A time to reflect

Another significant retrograde period is from March 1 until May 19, when normally aggressive Mars makes its reversal in your sign. The warrior planet's presence in Libra can fire you up with a stronger sense of initiative. But it also suggests impatience and combativeness.

This retrograde cycle gives you a second chance to restart personal projects that may not be working out as you hoped. Attending to your physical well-being and appearance are certainly appropriate then, as well. But this is also a period when standing up for yourself is called for, especially if you regret not doing so in the recent past. Fortunately, you know how to be pushy and polite, providing you with additional opportunities to smooth out existing relationships or to take the lead in starting new ones.

Believe in yourself

Lucky Jupiter's presence in your professional 10th House of Career until July 16 is a plus for your career ambitions. Opportunities to expand your vision and enhance your status are likely. But with this wise planet in the emotional Water sign of Cancer, you'll need to rely on your instincts more than your intellect to make work-related magic happen.

Jupiter then shifts into bold Leo and your 11th House of Groups, where you can gain support and even act as a leader in team projects. Heartfelt belief in what you're doing provides you with the energy and enthusiasm to achieve your goals, while just doing what you're supposed to do in order to keep up appearances is not likely to be very effective.

Manage your resources

Serious Saturn occupies your 2nd House of Assets almost all year, requiring you to budget your money, time and energy more carefully. Respecting yourself demands that you make priorities and cut expenses on unessential items. Tightening the purse strings in the right places leaves you with more resources for going after what you really want.

Another plus of this transit is that pressure might force you to look inside yourself to discover talents or old interests that haven't been fully exploited and can be applied to bringing you more satisfaction in your personal and professional lives. Saying "no" to whom and what you don't really value is like saying "yes" to the most valuable parts of yourself.

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