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Libra 2014 Love Horoscope

Free at last

Your sunny disposition could be shadowed by doubt about relationships when the New Year begins. 2014 rolls in with your ruling planet, Venus (associated with love, harmony and pleasure), running in reverse. This retrograde period lasts until January 31, during which a re-evaluation of partnerships is expected.

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A tendency to be hard on yourself or pessimistic about others is possible. Yet the good news is that this is meant to put you more in control of your personal life. With Venus transiting disciplined Capricorn until March 5, patience and planning are keys to creating more happiness in your life.

Be open to others

Of course, you can't manage everything that happens in your world, but you can manage your responses. If you can take responsibility for your reactions without blaming others or feeling guilty yourself, you will be well on your way to more fulfilling alliances. Meeting people halfway is one of your basic moves, but this is a time to establish clear goals, guidelines and boundaries with others.

Two Lunar Eclipses touch the horizon of your chart this year, which includes your 1st House of Self-Image and your 7th House of Partnerships. The first is a Lunar Eclipse on your Ascendant on April 15 that can spur you to consider a change of your appearance and being less willing to compromise with others. The second hits your 7th house on October 8 and is supercharged by explosive Uranus, perhaps triggering a sudden attraction, a separation or a major breakthrough in awareness that frees you from limits with others and inhibitions about yourself.

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