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Pisces 2014 Horoscopes

Expand your vision

Continuing to deepen your mind is extremely helpful for attaining your long-term goals in 2014. Saturn, the planet of making things real, is in passionate Scorpio and your visionary 9th House of Travel and Higher Education all year. You benefit from education and travel when you have a strong sense of purpose behind your actions. But if you're feeling aimless, there's also help from optimistic Jupiter that should get you back on track.

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Jupiter, Astrology's traditional planet of good fortune, is also the ruler of your sign, which makes its transits especially important. It begins 2014 in cuddly Cancer and your 5th House of Self-Expression, where it quietly kicks up your confidence until July 16.

This part of your chart is also associated with romance, play and children, increasing your chances for fulfillment in these areas of life. You're likely to get attention without much effort thanks to the generosity of Jupiter in this highly visible house of your horoscope. Letting your artistic instincts flow in easygoing ways could produce surprisingly positive results.

Your personal interests may clash with friends or groups when Jupiter opposes potent Pluto on January 31 and April 20. Going to extremes can be expected within a week of both dates, which can undercut cooperation. But if you're fighting for a cause, you will be energized by additional power that strengthens your voice.

Positive thinking is a must

There is some risk that intolerance will close minds, though, which is not the best use of this pattern. If you're stuck in negative thinking or have lost faith, the April 20 transit will shake things up. Revolutionary Uranus is squared by opinionated Jupiter then to spark spontaneous reactions. Restlessness and rebellion are possible, but they can be useful if they open your mind, expand your connections and excite you with bright new concepts.

And if you do find a fresh source of inspiration, you should get another dose of enthusiasm starting on July 16 to help you impress others. That's when Jupiter enters outgoing Leo and your 6th House of Service, initiating a 12-month period of growth in your career. You can bring more originality to the job, as well as a stronger sense of salesmanship.

A key to tapping into the professional benefits of this transit is to bring a playful attitude to your place of employment. Having fun will not distract from taking care of business if you really care about what you're doing. Attitude may not be everything, but a positive one can have a dramatic effect on your work.

A retrograde reality check

Pay extra attention to details when communicative Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on February 6. This reversal period lasts until February 28, when the messenger planet returns to forward motion in Aquarius. This means that fuzzy ideas and imprecise information that's taken you off course can be corrected during these three weeks.

It's probably better to verify details and clean up unfinished business than to forge ahead with major agreements until Mercury goes direct. Ideas that sound right and plans that feel good need a reality check that comes when you set aside emotions and find a more objective intellectual place to look at critical situations with greater clarity.

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