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Sagittarius 2014 Horoscopes

Learn and grow

You might not be able to fly as high or move as quickly as you'd like during the first half of 2014. However, progress will be made when you plan carefully and act more deliberately than usual. Strict Saturn spends almost the entire year in intense Scorpio and your secretive 12th House of Privacy. This suggests that others will not notice the most important things you do.

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Inner work on yourself with meditation and other spiritual practices can help you clear the slate of old issues and allow you to tap into your underappreciated talents and forgotten abilities. Slowly developing one of these provides you with a strong sense of purpose now, and it will probably bring you greater recognition and success in 2015 and 2016. This doesn't mean that you'll remain invisible for now; it's just about having enough self-confidence and desire to work hard this year without being noticed by others. Getting away from people makes you less available to them, but it also makes you more connected with yourself.

Squeezed out

Generous Jupiter, your expansive ruling planet, is in tender Cancer and your 8th House of Deep Sharing until July 16. This increases sensitivity in relationships, which can be due to your vulnerability or the need to respond very gently to someone else. While there's a great deal to be gained by growing closer in an emotional or financial partnership, you could feel smothered by them.

Yet Saturn in your 12th House of Privacy reminds you that time alone provides the space you require when you've become overly enmeshed with another person. Shifting from a hot connection to a cooler distance and back again gracefully will strengthen alliances without wearing you out.

Embrace your sense of adventure

On July 16, Jupiter blasts into bold Leo and your visionary 9th House of Long Distance Travel, where it opens your mind, lifts your spirits and fills you with a sense of adventure. Travel is especially appealing during the coming 12 months, as opportunities to learn and grow increase.

Jupiter's presence in strong-willed Leo and this opinionated part of your chart amplifies the power of your beliefs. This is excellent for selling concepts and promoting causes, yet a little self-restraint is recommended. That's because your enthusiasm can overpower people, some of whom may think that you're exaggerating. Knowing your audience will help you to tailor your pitch appropriately.

Easy does it

Being part of a team may be more challenging when assertive Mars is retrograde in your 11th House of Groups from March 1 until May 14. Diplomacy is a must with the warrior planet in peacemaking Libra, so spend more time listening to others during this period. It takes a delicate touch to handle some edgy associates; think twice before you say anything that could trigger a strong reaction.

This transit is also an opportunity to repair working relationships, and perhaps to connect with allies you couldn't find agreement with in the past. Your sign is rarely indecisive, but it's better to hesitate and think things through before pushing anyone or reacting to the pressure they put on you. If you overstep your bounds and rub someone the wrong way, you'll get another chance to clean up misunderstandings when verbal Mercury is retrograde in relationship houses of your chart from June 7 until July 1.

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