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Sagittarius 2014 Career Horoscope

Genius at work

Expansive Jupiter and responsible Saturn are the two planets associated with career aspirations and accomplishments. As 2014 opens, both planets are in sensitive water signs that require you to be more careful in how you advance your interests.

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Stodgy Saturn is still stewing in your 12th House of Obscurity until December 23. While this doesn't restrict you to the professional sidelines, it does show the need for discretion and the value of playing a quiet supporting role much of the time. Being patient and strategic while thinking about long-terms goals will prove more effective than jumping into situations for which you are not prepared.

Firing on all cylinders

Happily, you get a significant boost from your ruling planet Jupiter on July 16, when it leaves cautious Cancer and enters bold Leo. This occurs in your 9th House of Travel, Education and Publishing, making these fruitful areas for work during the subsequent twelve months. Your vision may grow and aspirations rise with this transit, which is likely to boost your morale. One challenge, however, is that restlessness can make it more difficult to settle for an uninspiring job.

Brilliant thinking, breakthroughs of perception and opportunities should occur around Jupiter's favorable trine with inventive Uranus on September 25. A sudden change of perspective or a surprising shift in circumstances can dissolve barriers and open new avenues of creative expression. These brilliant transits will return on March 3 and June 22 of 2015, giving you plenty of time to put a logical plan around your new goals so that you are able to turn them into reality.

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