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Scorpio 2014 Career Horoscope

The sky's the limit

With serious Saturn in your sign until December 23, the degree of success at work will be closely related to your levels of planning and patience. Saturn rewards focus and effort that's applied intelligently. Trying hard doesn't help if it's not done in the right way or for the right purpose.

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And remember, before committing yourself to putting in the extra effort required to get ahead, take a hard look at what you're aiming for and ask if that's really your highest priority. If it is, go for it but if not, save your strength for more important ambitions.

Intense issues about long-term goals may arise around expansive Jupiter's two oppositions to your powerful ruling planet Pluto on January 31 and April 20. A tendency to go to extremes is possible at these times as both fears and desires could skyrocket. A dash of objectivity, perhaps coming from a cool-headed friend or colleague, can help to put your feet on the ground so you can evaluate your choices more logically.

Roll the dice

On July 16, lucky Jupiter enters your 10th House of Career, where it will spend the next year expanding your professional opportunities. This transit occurs in the boldly creative sign of Leo, where original thinking and a strong personality are major assets. You must take chances to get ahead and act with more confidence than you feel. But as long as you're backing up your passionate promises and aspirations with careful preparation and analysis, there's no reason to settle for an uninspiring career. When your convictions are rooted in facts and fueled with courage the sky's the limit.

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