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Scorpio 2014 Love Horoscope

Trading good for great

Responsible Saturn spends almost the entire year in your sign and in your 1st House of Personality. Taking yourself more seriously is expected, which can work in a couple of ways.

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The downside could be putting up barriers to other people and being extra hard on yourself, but plusses include more confidence and earning respect with discipline and commitment to fulfilling your own needs. If you're in a relationship, settling for an uninspiring alliance is not a good idea. Giving up some comfort to get more excitement and passion is risky, but it's worth trying.

A new year, a new chapter

A Solar Eclipse in easygoing Taurus that occurs in your 7th House of Partners on April 28 can bog you down with a boring individual or challenge you to make big changes to connect with someone new. Learning to grow by letting go is a big Scorpio theme and one that rewards you by not settling for a passable but unexciting partnership.

An equally important period is around the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 23, which could change the course of relationships in your life. Amorous Venus is joined with the Sun and Moon to attract new people and experiences if you're willing to question your values and expectations of others.

Happily, forgiving Neptune forms a harmonious trine to this triple conjunction that should make it easier for you let bygones be bygones, be more compassionate with yourself, and grow even more romantic and imaginative. Finding inspiration in who you are and what you do are keys to bringing excitement into a partnership.

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