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Virgo 2014 Horoscopes

Do away with distractions

There is much to be gained with friends and when you're working as a part of a team in the first half of this year. Fortunate Jupiter is in your 11th House of Groups until July 16, and there it will help you gain inspiration and find success when you're among like-minded allies. Your capacity to give and receive support and understanding facilitates trust and cooperation that makes you successful in pursuit of a cause or ideal.

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There are, however, two periods when complications can set in that could make relationships rocky. While generous Jupiter is usually involved with good luck, wisdom and opportunity, it runs into some rough waters around January 31 and April 20. During this first period this giant planet opposes intense Pluto, which can spur power struggles and resentment. Cooperation is likely to be harder to come by until you work out differences with others.

On the straight and narrow

Staying true to your beliefs is usually a good idea, yet there's a risk of going to extremes. So avoid over-reacting to personal or professional crises unless you're prepared to make a radical change of course. Jupiter opposes Pluto again in April, but this time electrifying Uranus is along for the ride. A dose of impulsivity could trigger rash behavior, although if you need to alter your plans or leave a group behind, this is an appropriate time to do it.

The studious part of your personality continues to be supported by the transit of responsible Saturn in your 3rd House of Data Collection. This cycle began in October 2012 and will continue to require concentrated thought and careful communication this year. Fortunately, you're pretty good at avoiding distractions, which is critical with this transit. Scorpio is a sign of purging and Saturn is a planet of squeezing, so letting go of interests and conversations that don't lead directly to your goals is recommended.

Re-evaluate your life during Mercury Retrograde

Cerebral Mercury, your ruling planet, turns retrograde three times this year, marking periods of re-evaluation in different areas of life. While messages may be muddled and facts misunderstood during these times, each of them can help you narrow your focus to become even more efficient.

The first Mercury Retrograde from February 6-28 starts in your 7th House of Partners and ends in your 6th House of Work. Relationships may need some adjustments, especially if you're dealing with dreamy and unrealistic individuals. The second Mercury Retrograde is June 7 to July 1, in your 11th House of Groups and your 10th House of Career, where complications can arise when you're part of a team. The last is from October 4-25 in your 3rd House of Communication and your 2nd House of Income, which suggests you need to rethink key ideas and weigh them against the resources you will need to turn them into reality.

There may be some financial backtracking while active Mars is retrograde in your 2nd House of Income from March 1 to May 14. If you're not earning the money you need or you are spending too much, this is an excellent time to assess the situation objectively. Backing out of agreements may be a good idea, but you might also reconnect to an old ally in ways that are beneficial to your finances. Partnerships can prove profitable if you manage them very carefully and keep channels of communication clear and open.

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