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Aquarius 2015 Horoscope

The company you keep

Relationship matters continue to be a strong point for you during the first half of 2015, Aquarius. Back in July of 2014, Jupiter entered your 7th House of Committed Partnerships, blowing up this area of your life -- hopefully in a positive way. If you were in a good relationship, then most likely it has been a phase of absolute bliss for you. If, however, your relationship has been rocky, Jupiter might have magnified the stormy situation between you and your mate. You see, the function of Jupiter is merely to expand whatever he touches. If things are good, then they become extra good. If not, then the tension might be expounded until you to address it.

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Between you and me

The good news is that Jupiter will make two incredibly supportive links to Uranus, now in your 3rd House of Communication, during 2015. On March 3 and again on June 22, you'll have an opportunity to resolve even the most troublesome situations with a conversation that helps you and your partner realize what changes need to occur in your relationship. If things are going well, then this would be a perfect time to sign a contract or make a solid decision with a partner -- either in your business or personal life.

After August 11, Jupiter will move into your 8th House of Shared Resources, where he'll remain until September 2016. Now, you'll have a boost in financial matters that involve money you receive from sources beside your own direct income. Sound investments with the potential for significant return are possible. Bonus checks, increases in royalties, or better insurance benefits are also likely outcomes.

Clarifying connections

When it comes to your most vital lessons during 2015, one look at the planet Saturn in your chart tells the story. From December 23, 2014, until June 14, 2015, and then again from September 17, 2015 to December 2017, Saturn will be in your 11th House of Friendship and Social Circles, which also rules your greatest hopes and visions. This is also the area of your chart that connects to receiving love. While Saturn is in your 11th house, you might have a few lessons concerning any or all of these matters. You might pare down your friends list, making the decision that your social time is too valuable to waste with frivolous connections. You might also buckle down and finally create a solid plan to help you realize a long-term dream. Another possibility is that you'll struggle with feeling less than deserving of love, but you'll have no other choice than to work through this insecurity. Opening your heart will yield great rewards. Be selective in the company you keep, but in 2015 remember not to shut people out altogether.

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