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Aries 2015 Horoscope

The only constant is change

You'll have reason to smile as you start off 2015 with great potential for a whirlwind romance. Jupiter will continue to tour your 5th House of Love, Children, and Pleasure until August 11, and during this time, if single, you might meet the love of your life. Another possibility is that you'll decide to have a child or will launch a creative project that you're quite excited about. Look to March 3 and June 22 for extra special developments in any of these areas. That's when Jupiter will be at a perfect trine to Uranus, now in your sign. Sudden, unexpected luck will pay off in a big way. But remember; if you're not willing to take a risk there isn't likely to be much reward. That goes for your heart as well as anything else.

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After August 11 and for the rest of the year, Jupiter will enter your 6th House of Work and Health, adding plenty of opportunity for you to enhance your well-being and take advantage of exciting assignments. If you're looking to make a lateral move workwise, you'll have excellent prospects.

Sudden shifts

One final Uranus-Pluto square will occur on March 16, creating a rumble in your career. A change in how you deal with clients or in a business partnership is possible. This will be punctuated by the testy Lunar Eclipse on April 4 in your 7th House of Relationships. A sudden shift is guaranteed, and if you're fed up with a situation, an ending is possible. Same goes for your personal life, however if the relationship is good, you may suddenly become engaged or deepen your commitment. Another Lunar Eclipse in your sign on September 27 will emphasize the changes to your personal life.

Testing the waters

As you begin 2015, Saturn will have already stepped into your 9th House of Mind Expansion, prompting you to become more serious about pursuing advanced education or about any international business or legal matter you might have involvement with. Saturn Retrograde will dip back into your 8th House of Shared Resources from June 14 until September 17, 2015, asking you to take responsibility for a tax, credit or insurance matter. You have learned how to rely on your own resources, and these months will be a final test encouraging you to implement what you've learned. After September 17, Saturn moves full throttle into your 9th house where he'll remain until the end of 2017. You'll create a foundation for your beliefs that is rock solid. But first, you'll need to define what they really are.

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