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Gemini 2015 Horoscope

Talk of the town

You'll continue to make great strides in the communications arena during the first half of 2015. This trend started for you in July 2014, thanks to Jupiter moving into your 3rd House of Messages at that time. Until August 11, 2015, you'll have Jupiter in this part of your chart, and it will help you in all matters of thinking, writing, learning and speaking. It will even help boost your relationship with any siblings or improve your sales ability. If there is a communications-related project you've always wanted to initiate, now is truly your time to act. Jupiter wants to lend you support and blessings in this area ... Jupiter wants to help you grow.

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On March 3, and again on June 22, 2015, Jupiter will make a brilliant trine to Uranus, the planet of sudden developments, now in your 11th House of Community. This suggests you'll have a lucky break if you're hoping to launch a website, social media campaign, or if you'd like to host a workshop or other event where you speak or teach in front of a crowd. You'll shine!

On the homefront

After August 11, and until September 9, 2016, Jupiter will move into your 4th House of Home and Family, offering you amazing opportunities to expand domestically. If you're looking to move, you'll find the perfect place. You might even take in a new roommate or family member to live with you. If you're hoping to purchase a home or refinance, there is promising news relating to a mortgage or line of credit near October 11. One way or another, with Jupiter here you'll enjoy family life in a way that you haven't in quite some time!

Relationship realities

When it comes to relationship matters, things are about to get serious. Saturn, the great taskmaster of the zodiac, enters your 7th House of Partnership on December 23, 2014. He'll remain here until June 14, 2015, then dip back into your 6th House of Work and Routine for a bit, and after September 17 will come back into your 7th house and remain there until December 2017! During this time a relationship will likely become committed (possible marriage), or you'll decide that you and someone close are not meant to last forever after all. A test is likely in this area of your life, and if you're already partnered up, any weak links connecting you and your mate are likely to be exposed. Of course, you'll have the choice about whether or not you'd like to work on them, and you certainly can if you choose to.

From June 14 to September 17, 2015, Saturn will pay one last visit to your 6th House of Work and Wellness. You'll have an opportunity now to manage a healthcare situation once and for all. You may also find that your hard work since late 2012 -- connected to mastering your craft and the details behind your job -- are now about to pay off. Ah, finally!

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