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Leo 2015 Love Horoscope

Take a chance

In many ways you'll have the best of both worlds when it comes to matters of the heart in 2015. For starters, you'll be incredibly magnetic, open, and ready to embrace love thanks to Jupiter continuing to tour your sign until August 11, 2015. In fact, Jupiter will make gorgeous trines to Uranus on March 3 and again on June 22 of 2015, allowing you to feel even more compelled to take a major chance on what will make you happiest in your love life. You'll feel ready to explore new horizons, and will want to do so with someone special by your side.

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With all of this expansion, you might initially feel that it's a downer to learn that Saturn, the planet of limitation and responsibility, will be touring your 5th House of True Love in 2015. Not true! For you -- at least while Jupiter is in your sign -- this is actually a positive. You see, Jupiter in Leo will help you expand, but Saturn in your 5th house will help you focus on expanding only with someone who truly deserves your heart. See? It's all about balance and perspective.

Lessons in love

On December 23, 2014, Saturn moves into this area of your chart -- the 5th house. With the exception of a few short weeks between June 14 and September 17, 2015, Saturn will remain here until December of 2017. Lessons in love will certainly be a focus, but again, at least for most of 2015, those lessons don't appear to be harsh for you. It seems like this is more about definition, substance, and building a solid foundation in the love relationship that Jupiter in Leo wants to encourage you to explore.

Still, whether you're single or in a relationship, by the end of 2015 there might be one area you'll need to work on. On November 26, Saturn will make his first square to Neptune, the planet of illusion and confusion, now in your 8th House of Joint Finances and Intimacy. This will happen twice more in 2016. This pattern speaks about a possible lesson connected to sex and intimacy for you, as well as whether or not you're ready to blend material resources with a lover. Don't waste time dwelling on this now, Leo. See where you are near the end of the year in terms of relationship and handle it from that reality. For now, know that the universe wants you to reach for the love that you know you deserve.

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