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Libra 2015 Horoscope

Brace for change

Your marriage or committed partnership might have to endure one final jolt in 2015, Libra. Since 2012, you've experienced the rumbling square between Uranus and Pluto across your 7th House of Relationships and your 4th House of Home and Family. Over the last few years, this tumultuous combination has likely brought radical and sometimes difficult changes to these areas of your world. On March 16, 2015, we'll have the absolute last hit of this aspect, and after this time things will calm down for you considerably. Before you breathe that huge sigh of relief however, you'll have to go through one more possible change at home and with your significant other. A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on April 4, 2015, highlights the emotional importance of this time. Still, you've got this.

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Strength in numbers

Jupiter, the planet of gifts and blessings, will start off the year in your 11th House of Groups and Social Networking. This area of your chart also rules your greatest hopes and dreams. You'll have an opportunity to forge new connections with people who have the power to help you achieve one of your greatest aspirations. If you need help with anything, now is the time to enlist your friends -- they will truly benefit you! Also, if you're interested in pursuing any type of humanitarian endeavor, know that it will succeed beyond your wildest expectations now. You might even have luck turning something viral online during this time -- if so make it matter! This trend lasts until August 11, 2015.

Your guardian angel

On August 11, Jupiter will move into the most hidden area of your chart, the 12th House of Privacy, where he'll remain until September 2016. Does this mean your cosmic luck is about to disappear? Not a chance. Jupiter here is divine protection, and in many ways you'll be the luckiest of all. Hidden angels (on this plane and elsewhere) are guiding and protecting you so that no matter what troubles you might experience, you'll feel rescued from them in the end. This cycle of Jupiter will also expand your compassion more, and it will be a wonderful time to access your charitable side.

Lessons in communication will become significant in 2015. Saturn, the great taskmaster of the zodiac, moves into your 3rd House of Thoughts and Communication on December 23, 2014, and will remain there until December 2017. During this time you'll have an opportunity to confront any insecurity or fear you may have about learning, communicating and expressing your ideas. Your mind will be extra studious and capable of deep thought.

From June 14 until September 17, Saturn will temporarily revisit your 2nd House of Income, where he was situated since October 2012. This stretch of time will allow you to wrap up all of the lessons he taught you about being responsible with finances. A reward is likely.

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