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Scorpio 2015 Love Horoscope

Work for what you want

Love and relationship might not have been a walk in the park for you since late 2012. Saturn, the planet of definition and constraint, entered your sign at that time, demanding that you roll up your sleeves and dig into a phase of serious self-work. Through facing realistic limitations within your current relationship, it allowed you to reach a new sense of maturity. As a result, if you decided that your partnership is worth working for, the two of you will be in a position to thrive in 2015.

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Saturn will only peek back into Scorpio between June 14 and September 17, 2015, and during that time you're more likely to reap the rewards of what you've worked for in terms of personal accomplishments and relationship endurance.

Friends with benefits

If single in 2015, there are gorgeous opportunities ahead for romance. Most notably, a Solar Eclipse will light up your 5th House of True Love on March 20. Also, after August 11 Jupiter will move into your 11th House of Friends and Groups, where he'll remain until September 6, 2016. There's a good chance that a friend will introduce you to someone, helping you form a love connection. Another possibility is that you and a friend will take your relationship from platonic to intimate. A gorgeous connection between love planet Venus and Jupiter in this part of your chart on October 25 reinforces the potential. Best of all? You'll be in a position where you're not only ready to give love ... but truly receive it.

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