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Taurus 2015 Horoscope

Hard work leads to big rewards

No matter what might be happening in your home and family life, in 2015, expect to receive help from behind the scenes to smooth out even the most troubling situation. Lucky for you, it doesn't appear that you'll have anything that dire to worry about. In fact, until August 11 Jupiter will continue to tour your 4th House of Home and Family, assuring that growth and blessings are likely in this area. You might upsize if you're moving, or make a change to your existing living space that promotes greater peace and harmony. Or, you may discover that a new addition to your family is on the way. On March 3 and again on June 22, 2015, Jupiter will be at a perfect angle to Uranus, now in your 12th House of Privacy. This is when you can anticipate that behind-the-scenes blessing that will feel like you've hit the jackpot in terms of your family dynamics.

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Kick up your heels

After August 11, Jupiter will move into a new area of your chart -- the 5th House of Fun, Romance and Self-Expression -- and will remain there until September of 2016. Any or all of these areas are up for expansion now. If single, you might meet and fall in love with someone who sweeps you off your feet. You might also have a child or notice that any children you already have are experiencing happier times. A creative project will also flourish.

It takes two

Relationships are truly supported for you this year. Saturn, the planet of lessons and restriction, has been touring your 7th House of Partnership since late 2012. If you're in a partnership, you've likely experienced several tests to the strength of your union. Some relationships endured, and if yours was one of them, you can count on its longevity. If you have been mostly single throughout Saturn's tour of your 7th house, you might have felt as if you'd never find that perfect mate. Saturn will dip into this area of your chart for a few months in 2015 -- from June 14 until September 17 -- and then he'll be gone for good. Interestingly enough, Jupiter will move into your romance sector right in between this time, and the good news is that if you've done the work Saturn asked over the last couple of years, an even sweeter romantic reward is likely now.

Saturn's main focus for you in 2015 has more to do with joint finances. From late December 2014 until mid-June of 2015, and again after September 17 (until 2017) Saturn will tour your 8th House Sharing. You'll have a lesson now about learning how to rely on your own resources rather than depend on another person financially. You might also find that investments are not panning out the way you hoped, so you'd be prudent to take little risk in the stock market now. Keep your money secure and work on long-term financial planning strategies.

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