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Aquarius 2016 Horoscope

Seeking greater meaning

Your personal aspirations will come up for careful review in 2016 -- as well as your social life. It appears that you're ready to cut the fat in these areas and will no longer be willing to settle for fluffy dreams or phone friends.

Saturn, the planet of limitation but also core lessons, will tour the area of your chart connected to these matters all year long. As a result you might vacillate between feeling insecure about this part of your world, to then becoming so uncomfortable about what makes you feel apprehensive that you decide a change must happen.

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You might decide, for example, that it's time to get serious about one of your "pie in the sky" dreams and, if you are still passionate about it, to begin carving out a careful plan that will help make it a reality. If, on the other hand, you've been busy chasing unrealistic pots of gold after rainbows that don't exist, you might be in for a sore disappointment in 2016 -- especially around June 17 and September 10 when Saturn will be at a harsh angle to Neptune. This fantasy might cost you -- big time.

Picking and choosing

As far as the company you keep goes, you'll be quite discerning about who remains on your friends list. You'll realize that it's more important to have friends who are tried and true rather than an army of frivolous acquaintances who aren't prepared to be with you in good times and bad. You might become especially frustrated with someone between April 17 and May 27 when Mars retrogrades through your 11th House of Friends. This will likely be the time you decide to regroup and make those changes.

After May 27 and until June 29 Mars will retrograde through your career sector, asking you to revise your current strategy connected to a business plan or your overall professional ambitions. Be patient if you don't see the progress you'd like during this time. Recognize that there might be a problem in the way you're trying to move forward so fast and that taking a step back to reassess the situation will ultimately prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Take it all in

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, will tour your 8th House of Shared Resources until September 9. During this time you might benefit from money that comes to you through a source besides your own direct income. Yes! After September 9 Jupiter moves onto your 9th House of Expansion, and you might have a fabulous opportunity toward the end of the year to travel abroad. Or, you might decide it's time to sharpen those pencils and go back to school for that advanced degree or certification you've always wanted.

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