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Aquarius 2016 Love Horoscope

The company you keep

If you're single in 2016 and want to meet someone special, it might be more of a challenge than in other years. Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation, but also maturity and responsibility, will tour your social 11th house all year long. As a result, you might be in less of a mood for frivolous socializing than usual. The company you keep might shrink since you're likely to become more discerning about who you spend time with. Although this will help weed out friends and other social obligations that no longer serve your soul growth, it might also leave you with more weekends alone. If you put yourself in isolation because of your social frustrations, it will be much more difficult to meet a new potential love interest. 

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Another difficulty with Saturn in the 11th house has to do with internet dating. Be extra cautious about who you hook up with on the Internet. 

Romantic windfalls

So what's a single Aquarius to do in 2016? Is there any hope? Of course! When Venus is in your sign between February 16 and March 12, you'll be extra appealing to others. Plus your confidence will soar, allowing you to put yourself out there more than usual. Then, between May 24 and June 17, Venus will tour your 5th House of Romance. You'll have amazing support to meet someone special during this time.

In a relationship already? Expect it to be a status-quo year overall. Extra yumminess is possible however, between July 12 and August 5. 

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