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Aries 2016 Love Horoscope

The space between "me" and "we"

While you might not believe it going into 2016, you will surely look back on this year as pivotal in terms of relationship dynamics. Uranus will continue to move through your sign, helping you continue reinventing yourself in a way that reflects your personal truth. You must be able to express who you are without any type of shackles. This personal "must have" might initially appear to go against what it takes to be in a relationship. Happily, this year you will begin to learn how to balance being true to yourself while also learning how to lean into a relationship. 

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A Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector on March 23 will be your first clue that something important is shifting between you and your mate. Then, as Mars, your ruler, retrogrades through your 8th House of Intimacy between May 27 and June 29, you'll figure out a way to stop fighting against deepening your bond with someone close. If you worry that sharing resources, your body, and your soul is too overwhelming, this year is meant to teach you that it's not only worth it -- but that by surrendering to this level of intimacy, you'll allow your mate to help nurture the very best parts of you.

Taking an upturn

After September 9 lucky Jupiter will move into your relationship sector for the first time in 12 years. If the person you're with is marriage material, wedding bells might be on the horizon. If you're already married, your partnership will likely enjoy an amazing phase of harmony. 

If single, pay attention to romantic opportunities between July 12 and August 5, when Venus tours your true love sector. Yummy!

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