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Gemini 2016 Love Horoscope

Serious consideration

Love and relationship will take a serious (and sometimes confusing) turn in 2016. Saturn, the planet of commitment but also limitation, will continue to traverse your 7th House of Relationships. This will help you figure out exactly where you and your partner need to do some work in order to improve your relationship. If, however, you go into the year feeling as if you are being crushed by the weight of your union more than anything else, 2016 may lead to a breaking point. 

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In particular, you may feel unhappy if you have a partner who isn't supporting your overall goals. Saturn will square off with Neptune on June 17 and again on September 10, calling your attention to this potentially disappointing reality. Adding to the potential relationship tension is the fact that Mars will retrograde through your 7th house between April 17 and May 27. This might be a time where you second guess the motivation behind your relationship. Have the courage to dig into the deeper meaning of what you and your partner hope to get out of your love connection. And if you realize that you no longer share important life philosophies, have the courage to leave a relationship that might be overwhelming your soul. 

Getting real

Single or casually dating Geminis will have an awakening at the March 23 Lunar Eclipse. Emotional fulfillment is only possible if you're able to communicate exactly what you need in matters of the heart. The good news is that if you are single, after September 9 Jupiter will enter your true love sector, offering you many opportunities to meet someone you see as authentic partnership material!

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