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Leo 2016 Love Horoscope

Roadblocks to romance

Your love life will be exactly where most of your attention is in 2016. For starters, there's a karmic reason at play. Saturn, the planet of karmic lessons as well as maturity, will continue to travel through your 5th House of True Love all year long. This transit alone symbolizes a need for you to define what you need in love in order to truly open your heart. You might feel as if you're more lonely this year because love isn't available. It might not be due to lack of opportunity, but rather circumstances beyond your control getting in the way of romance. 

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Adding to the mix is the fact that Mars will turn retrograde in the same area of your chart on April 17. Expect more frustration in matters of the heart until May 27 due to this phenomenon. Mars is action and energy, and when this planet is napping ... well you simply lose your mojo. No matter how hard you push, a romance may have trouble getting off the ground. And if you're single, it's one of the worst times to start a new sexual relationship. Something between you in the bedroom will be "off."

Who do you love?

The good news is that you will have an opportunity to recalibrate your approach to giving love this year. By the end of this year you'll be certain that you're only going to give your heart away to someone who truly deserves it. Good for you! 

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