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Pisces 2016 Horoscope

Paying the piper

This year, prepare to spend an equal amount of time focused on two key areas: career and relationship. While there are plenty of blessings in store, there will also be a fair amount of work to do. Think of this as paying your dues so that you can enjoy all the good stuff without guilt -- kind of like spending an extra hour at the gym before you indulge in your favorite dessert.

Saturn, the planet of limitation and responsibility but also recognition, will continue to tour your career sector all year long. This will set up an opportunity for you to experience a growth spurt professionally -- but first there will be some growing pains.

Saturn wants to make sure you're taking your career role seriously. If you're in the industry you're meant to work in, then you might end up with a major notch under your belt this year. You might become the boss or receive a role that leaves you feeling as if you're one of the seasoned professionals in your field that everyone else looks up to. If, however, you're not where you ought to be career-wise, you can anticipate Saturn giving you a bit of a cosmic kick in the butt. If you do find yourself struggling in career this year, take it as a sign to carefully re-evaluate whether or not it's time for a change. Don't be afraid to start over!

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Pulling back

Mars will retrograde through your career sector between April 17 and May 27, adding to any sense of frustration you might already feel in this part of your life. This will be a time where the harder you push, the greater chance there is for your obstruction to prevail. Instead, why not regroup and consider a completely different strategy? Then, whatever you want to move forward with professionally will have greater support between August 2 and September 27, when Mars is moving forward once more in this part of your chart.

Between May 27 and June 29, Mars will retrograde through your 9th house. During this time you might have to work out any legal trouble you have going on. You may also need to regroup when it comes to any international-related endeavor you're working on. Be patient!

On the upside

Relationships are the other arena of life that will dominate your attention in 2016. Fortunately, this will be much easier to enjoy. Jupiter, the planet of blessings, will continue to tour your 7th House of Partnership until September 9. This will strengthen the potential for joy and happiness in your personal relationship (if you're in a committed one). If you're involved in any business alliance, you can anticipate a great deal of mutual satisfaction as well.

Eclipses in your sign and your opposite sign, Virgo, will also emphasize changes in relationship dynamics as well as you personally. Pay attention to the Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 8 as well as the Solar Eclipse in your 7th house on September 1, followed by a Lunar Eclipse in your sign on September 16.

After September 9 Jupiter will move on to your 8th House of Shared Resources, and suddenly you may find yourself benefiting from your partner's money. In addition, be on the lookout for news about an inheritance, tax refund, or generous settlement or insurance payout. As for investments? They look stellar!

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