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Sagittarius 2016 Love Horoscope

Lessons in love

2016 is a year of definition for you -- certainly in terms of love. Saturn, will continue to tour your sign all year (in fact, he's in Sagittarius until December 2017). Karmically, it's your turn to gain maturity and soul growth through a series of lessons that may initially feel restricting. The good news is that for the most part, you're the one taking this on. You're choosing the obligations because it is something you want. Still, there's work involved. 

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For some of you this has to do with a turning point in relationship. If you're in a strong partnership then it's possible you and your love will consider marriage or starting a family. You might buy a home together. All of these scenarios are in line with Saturn's "grown up" feeling. You choose it, yes, but again, there is work. That work may feel especially difficult this year while Mars is retrograde in your sign between April 17 and May 27. 

Finding balance

During this stretch you'll have to re-strategize how you are handling your approach to this new level of mature relationship you're in. You may feel as if you've taken two giant steps backward. If so, keep things in perspective. You most likely have a lesson about how much energy to spend on relationship matters. You can't run on empty. Neither can your relationship. Balance is required. And if you are in a stale relationship, this will be the time to let go of it because you will realize you're tired of being dragged down. 

Single? Romance is divine from April 5 - 29 when Venus tours your 5th House of Pleasure. Use that time to have some much needed fun and to mingle with those who make you feel alive. 

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