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Scorpio 2016 Love Horoscope

Is it worth it?

What motivates you in matters of the heart -- and everything else -- will be a central theme for you in 2016. If you're not all fired up about someone, then you might start to wonder why you're even bothering. Or, you may notice that your passion is dwindling for another reason, but you can't seem to figure it out. 

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The culprit is Mars. Your co-ruling planet of action and drive will be in Scorpio as we begin 2016, and you may feel as if you can conquer the world between January 3 and March 5. Whatever it is you initiate connected to love and partnership during this time seems unstoppable. 

Not so fast.

A total overhaul

Mars will travel retrograde this year, and from May 27 until June 29 whatever it is you started connected to partnership will likely need a major overhaul. Perhaps you'll realize that you and your mate have very different goals. Or, it's possible that you will feel an overall slump in your libido and energy level. If so, take the steps necessary to figure out whether this is a physical situation, or if the underlying cause is more emotional in nature

Before you crawl under a rock, recognize that the universe wants to help you repair whatever is happening now -- for your highest good. If your relationship life requires extra TLC in order to help you feel better again, then it's time to face it -- head on. You'll be glad you did. In fact, all that zeal you felt earlier in 2016 will return between June 29 and August 2 when Mars travels direct through Scorpio. 

If single, romantic possibilities gleam between March 12 and April 5. A soul mate is within reach.

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