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Aquarius 2017 Horoscope

Your world is opening

Your life will be a stunning adventure in 2017. In fact, you'll look back on this year as one filled with incredible travel, educational, and other life experiences that truly broaden your horizons. It's all thanks to Jupiter. Back in September 2016 he entered the area of your chart connected to the higher mind and broad expansion. You begin this year with Jupiter taking you on at least one pleasurable journey toward knowledge you've never had before.

This might be due to your recent decision to sign up for that advanced degree, license, or certification you've always wanted to obtain. Studying at a university this year will give you great pleasure but also remarkable wisdom -- and you're ready to soak it all up. Or, it might be that you've got a serious travel bug and have decided to make this a year of international travel to locations you've always wanted to visit. Go for it!

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The company you keep

It's likely that you are taking someone special along your journey this year. A series of eclipses in your sign and your partnership sign, Leo, will occur throughout 2017, making it a game-changing year for you in relationship matters. Fortunately, these eclipses are beautifully aspected, signaling a fortunate outcome. You might even get married this year! Pay attention to events that transpire near February 10, August 7, and again on August 21 for meaningful partnership developments in business or your personal world.

You appear to be quite serious when it comes to the company you keep all year long. You'd rather have one or two true-blue friendships than a string of meaningless acquaintances that are only there at a superficial level. The friends you do have will become more solid as the year goes on. Expect socially-positive conversations and developments near May 19 and again on November 11.

A success story

Finances will also enjoy a breath of new life in 2017. You'll spend March 4 - April 15 re-evaluating decisions and plans about money matters during a Venus Retrograde cycle. Fortunately, whatever it is you reflect on will leave you with a more solid plan that'll lead to more empowered decisions for the rest of the year. 

A Solar Eclipse in your earned income sector on February 26 will bring opportunity to enhance your cash flow. Then, later in the year on October 10, Jupiter will move into your career sector, turning you into a major success story professionally. Expect promotions, awards, and opportunities to go higher than you envision in your career. In fact, a financial dream come true is yours on December 2 when Jupiter embraces Neptune in your earned income sector. Yes!

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