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Aries 2017 Love Horoscope

Realizing the power of partnership

In case you didn't get the memo, Aries, this is your year for love! Yes, that's right, you have won the cosmic jackpot not only in matters of the heart, but in truly being able to relate with someone and achieve that real, dynamic partnership you have simultaneously dreamed of -- and run from.

This will be a complicated year also, since 2017 will force you to dramatically face that fear of yours connected to partnership, compromise, and figuring out how to still "do you" while in a real relationship. Don't worry Aries, you can do it. The universe most certainly has your back!

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Pleasurable possibilities

Until October 12 Jupiter will move through your marriage sector, making this a year where so many Aries will tie the knot, become engaged, or make a significant commitment to someone close.

If single, your love life might move quickly. Eclipses in your romance sector on February 10 and August 21 are both at a perfect angle to Uranus, the planet of surprises, now in your sign. As a result, you might meet someone in the most unexpected way and fall head over heels in love faster than you ever thought possible. Go with it!

Another possibility is that you and your partner will have exciting baby news to share at some point this year.

Weighing your options

Still, with all the excitement, you'll need to take a minute and really work through any struggles connected to loving someone else without freaking out about a relationship being at the expense of your identity. Venus Retrograde from March 4 - April 15 will be exactly when you're working on this situation. And you will. The love potential is just too strong.

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