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Cancer 2017 Horoscope

Happiness is homemade

This year you'll begin to enjoy your family life more than you have in quite some time. Yes, that should be music to your ears! You'll begin 2017 with Jupiter, the planet of blessings, moving comfortably through the area of your chart that rules your domestic world. Until October 10, you'll enjoy this once-in-12-year influence (which began for you back in September 2016). As a result, you might finally be ready to make that move to your dream house or apartment this year. You might also be ready to purchase a vacation home if that has been something you've yearned for in the past.

Even if you don't physically relocate this year, you can anticipate something connected to your family life to occur that gives you great joy. Someone might announce that a baby is on the way. Or, it's possible that you'll invite someone to move in with you. You may also notice that your clan is generally more amiable toward each other than in recent years. Ah, you'll be thrilled!

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Rebooting your future

In other news, you'll have an opportunity to breathe new life into your career path. From March 4 until April 2, Venus will retrograde through your 10th House of Honors and Profession. As a result, you might re-evaluate whether or not you're using your talents to the best of your ability. This may also be a time where you aren't feeling as valued or appreciated by an authority figure connected to your career. If so, you'll need to address it. After April 2 and until the 15th, Venus will retrograde through your 9th House of Education. It's possible that you'll need to brush up on some courses that are related to your industry in order to remain competitive.

The good news is that the changes you make during Venus' retrograde phase are certain to pay off in spades. Saturn, now in your work sector, will be at a gorgeous angle to Uranus in your career sector on May 19 and November 11. This will certainly bring interesting work opportunities that allow you to showcase your most unusual talents. In addition, eclipses in August promise to change your financial outlook for the better. It's all good!

Make way for love

Finally, on October 10 Jupiter will move into your true love sector for the first time in 12 years. If you're single, prepare to open your heart and enjoy more romance than you could dream of. If you're in a relationship, baby news might be on the horizon.

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