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Gemini 2017 Horoscope

Reaching great heights

Romantic heights and career gains will be two amazing factors to help make 2017 an outstanding year for you, Gemini. You're already knee-deep into a vital phase when it comes to love and partnership. Back in September 2016, Jupiter, the planet of blessings, moved into your 5th House of Children, Creativity and Pleasure. This is also the area of your chart that rules opening your heart and falling in love. If single, this creates a tremendous opportunity for you to meet someone who can capture your heart and change your life. For most of 2017 -- until October 10 -- Jupiter will remain in this part of your chart. So, if you're moving into the New Year unattached, know that the universe has someone very special in mind for you. All you have to do is make an effort to socialize and meet new people.

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Strengthening bonds

Many Geminis, however, are already coupled up. Saturn is the planet of obligation and maturity, and since late 2014, he's been moving through your 7th House of Relationship and Marriage. As a result, you have endured trials and tribulations in a committed business or personal alliance, but you have also experienced an opportunity to stabilize a partnership that was worth putting work into. You're coming into 2017 already having done this heavy lifting, so although Saturn will still be in this part of your chart, you're likely to feel as if most of the pressure is on its way out. Now, you will begin to see the benefits of commitment.

If you are married, this may be the year you and your mate decide to start a family. Saturn will keep the two of you bonded to one another, and Jupiter in your 5th house will expand joyful opportunities connected to children. Alternatively, you and a business partner might work on a creative endeavor you're both passionate about. Saturn will be at a fine angle to Uranus on May 19 and again on November 11. A dream that you share with your partner may come to fruition in the most unexpected way. Wonderful!

Opportunity knocks

In other news, once Jupiter moves into your work sector on October 10, you'll begin to see remarkable opportunities to take on extra assignments and other projects that you'll love. At least one of them will help make a professional aspiration reality, and you'll see this by December 2 when Jupiter makes a perfect trine to Neptune, now in your career sector.

The only wrinkle in what will otherwise be a stellar year for you might occur in your social life. Your relationship with a friend might need attention while Venus is retrograde in your 11th House of Groups and Friendship from March 4 - April 2. You may struggle with feeling undervalued or unappreciated in a group or organization during this time as well, and an adjustment to your social priorities may be in order. 

Then, from April 2 - 15, Venus will retrograde through your career sector. Pay attention to what comes up during this time since it might be an opportunity from your past that you were not able to follow through on. Now, you may get your second chance.

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