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Leo 2017 Love Horoscope

Let's talk about love

Love and communication go hand in hand. Fortunately, this year you'll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy expansive, open communication in love. Jupiter will tour your message sector until mid-October, allowing you to improve how you convey your thoughts as well as listen to others in order to promote true understanding. As a result, you can expect your romantic relationship to improve dramatically this year. Pay attention to a major decision you and your sweetheart make near August 27 that will allow you to feel secure in your relationship, and know that it also has plenty of room for exciting growth.

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Growing and changing

Saturn, the planet of limitation and lessons, will continue to tour your 5th House of True Love all year. Because of this, you are in a key position to take responsibility for confronting whatever might prevent you from having the partnership you seek. Fortunately, this doesn't look like a lonely period for you, as it can sometimes be when Saturn is in this part of your chart. In fact, the universe has plans for you -- and they do include love. By choosing to grow spiritually this year, you are putting yourself in a position to embrace authentic love potential. Spiritual developments near May 19 and again November 11 point to this potential.

This year the eclipses are also singling you out for relationship changes. A Lunar Eclipse on February 10 in your sign will help you let go of what is no longer serving you so that you can achieve relationship fulfillment. A Solar Eclipse on August 21, also in your sign, is all about new beginnings. Then another Lunar Eclipse on August 7 suggests a major turning point in your love life -- in a good way.

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