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Libra 2017 Horoscope

Showered in good fortune

Without a doubt, Libra, 2017 is your year to shine! Jupiter, the planet of abundance, blessings and protection, has been in your sign since September 2016, so you're already feeling the positive vibes that this placement offers. Life is somehow magical and grand again, and that's exactly how it should be. Jupiter has handed you a bottle containing all the faith and optimism there is, and you're ready to sprinkle it everywhere you go. Basically, this means that whatever you touch this year is sure to turn to gold. Jupiter will remain in your sign until October 2017, so you'll want to maximize every drop of goodness there is to be had.

This is your year to initiate any personal endeavor you truly believe in. Whether it's connected to your professional goals, family life, personal or spiritual development, or a relationship, Jupiter has one word for you: YES!

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Working together

Venus, your ruling planet, will have a retrograde phase this year, but because Jupiter is blessing you at the same time, you might not feel her pinch as much. She'll retrograde in your partnership sector from March 4 to April 2 and then will backpedal through your work sector from April 2 to 15, when she turns direct again.

This might be a time where you and your partner have an opportunity to resolve a longstanding issue you've had between you. Couples counseling will be a great success during this time. Don't be nervous about any changes in your relationship this year, Libra. It appears you're seeking to change things up with your mate and you'll enjoy the electric shocks you create together near March 2 and September 27 especially.

Raising the stakes

Once Venus retrogrades into your work sector from April 2-15, you'll have an opportunity to re-evaluate your compensation against your actual job. Are you spending the hours you need to in order to deliver the best value? This is a time to answer questions like this to ensure that your work is polished. Don't dismiss the importance of this time because by October 10, Jupiter will move into your earned income sector, positioning you for a raise. Ask for one near December 2. Or, if you want to take on extra freelance work or a second job, this will be the time to do so.

Your social life will also enjoy new life thanks to a series of eclipses on February 10, August 7, and again on August 21 that touch your friendship and romance sectors. Smile and make time for those you love. It's going to be a banner year!

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