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Pisces 2017 Horoscope

A magnet for money

This will be an exciting year for you on many fronts -- from work and health matters to finances and career developments. You'll want to know exactly how to use the cosmic support the universe plans on giving you, but you'll also want to understand more about its lessons. Taking them seriously assures you'll learn and grow in 2017.

The most glittering news for you has to do with Jupiter. Back in September 2016, he moved into your 8th house, and will remain in this part of your chart until October 10, 2017. The 8th house encompasses money you get from sources other than your own income. This might be money that arrives from lenders such as banks or private investors, or it can be money that you receive due to an inheritance or settlement. This can also relate to your partner's money. Another possibility is that it will be money that comes your way from investment dividends, royalties, commissions, or a tax refund. With Jupiter in your 8th house, you're likely to see a most beneficial occurrence this year relating to any of these financial areas.

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Your cup runneth over

A sudden financial surprise may occur near March 2 and again on September 27 when Jupiter opposes Uranus. While this might be a sudden windfall, be aware that you may also feel tempted to spend excessively during this time. Additionally, you may hear news about a more generous benefits or insurance package at work near August 27. You could also see a lovely boost near May 19 and again on November 11 when Saturn (currently in your career sector) will make a positive link to Uranus in your earned income sector. Wonderful!

Now, just because money is coming in doesn't mean you're in the clear. Venus will retrograde in your earned income sector from March 4 - April 2, and then in your sign from April 2 - 15. During her retrograde in your 2nd House of Earned Income, you'll need to carefully revise your budget or rethink a recent spending decision that proves to be unwise. Then, while Venus is retrograde in your sign, you may struggle with feeling undervalued and appreciated by your partner or someone close in business. Fortunately, this will only be for a short while and soon enough you'll be able to rectify whatever it is that has caused you to feel this way. Overall, you'll feel reborn thanks to the effects of a Solar Eclipse in your sign on February 26, so if Venus Retrograde leads you to a decision to end a relationship, know that it's for your highest good.

Don't stop believing

There are several eclipses that will cross your health axis in 2017, but all of them are fortunate. Consequently, if you have had any health situation recently, you're likely to fully recover and feel better than you have in quite some time. Eclipse dates to watch for developments in this arena are February 10, August 7, and again on August 21.

After October 10, Jupiter will sail into your 9th House of Adventure and Expansion, and you'll be ready to broaden your horizons by making the most of travel opportunities and educational pursuits. In fact, you may have a dream come true connected to one of these areas near December 2. You'll feel as if you've stepped into an enchanted world. You have.

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