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Pisces 2017 Love Horoscope

Opening new doors

If you're single as 2017 begins, pay attention to the changes that will happen in your life near the Solar Eclipse in your sign on February 26. You might be in a position to make decisions that take advantage of brand-new life opportunities. As a result, a doorway to love and relationship might open up along with it.

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If you're in a solid relationship as the year begins, then you'll smile knowing that you and your partner are growing together not only in your intimate connection, but also your financial world. Jupiter, the planet of blessings, will tour your 8th House of Shared Resources until October 10. As a result, you can anticipate an uptick in your partner's income in some way. Perhaps he or she will receive a major raise or bonus. Another possibility is that a joint investment will mature and you'll discover that the payout is more generous than either of you expected. Do what you can to maximize the extra cash flow that is sure to come your way while you have it!

Count your blessings

Interestingly enough, Venus will turn retrograde in your earned income sector from March 4 - April 2. This might be a sensitive time where your personal cash flow isn't what you want it to be. At the same time, realize how fortunate you are to have the emotional and financial support of your partner. While Venus is retrograde in your sign from April 2-15, do what you can to focus on how far you've come rather than how far you have get to go.

If you're single during Venus' retrograde in your sign, you might feel extra sensitive about your physical appearance. Work on loving yourself from the inside out. Although it sounds cliché, this will be the only way you can maximize your future romantic opportunities. And if you think they'll never happen, you're wrong. Expect your dating life to open up from July 31 - August 25, while Venus tours your true love sector.

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