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Sagittarius 2017 Horoscope

Rise to the occasion

2017 will be a year when you continue to gain maturity and wisdom thanks to Saturn's lessons. Saturn, the planet of restriction but also commitment, has been in your sign since December 2014. As a result, you've likely taken on new responsibilities in your life in more than one area. This has also been a stretch of time where you may have felt tested or that the universe has handed you what appeared to be an unfair burden. If that has been the case, it wasn't to single you out. In fact, it was to show you just how much ability you have to rise to any occasion and handle limitations with fortitude.

This year, although Saturn will continue to move through your sign, you'll be in a different position. He'll be at a gorgeous angle to Uranus -- the planet of revolution -- on May 19 and November 11. You'll be able to continue to lay the groundwork on your personal goals and plans without restraint. You'll be able to handle your duties without feeling suffocated. This, Sagittarius, is your year to show the world just how wise you can be. Your ability to try new approaches in order to stabilize your life will be well supported. You'll see this specifically as it relates to your love life, children, or a creative endeavor.

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There's power in numbers

In other news, Jupiter, your ruling planet, will move through your 11th House of Friends and Groups until October 10. During this time you'll notice a surge of networking opportunities. Friendships formed during this time will lift you up and help get you where you want to go in life. If you are involved in any type of humanitarian endeavor this year, it's likely to succeed wildly. Same goes for any type of internet/technology project.

Going within

After October 10 Jupiter will move into the most hidden and spiritual area of your chart, the 12th house. You might feel a stronger urge at this time to go within and spend more time alone. Honor this inward pull, since it will nourish your soul in a powerful way.

Venus will retrograde in your 5th House of True Love, Children, and Creativity from March 4 - April 2, and then in your home and family sector from April 2-15 before turning direct again. Venus rules love, money, beauty, and self-worth. Having her retrograde suggests a time to go within and re-evaluate these topics as they relate to 5th and 4th house matters. Unresolved romantic and domestic matters might also come to the surface once more in order to gain closure on them once and for all.

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