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Sagittarius 2017 Love Horoscope

Friends with benefits

In 2017, the key to your love life might just be in your social life. Jupiter, your ruling planet, will be in your friendship sector until October 10. As a result, your luck will certainly come from who you know. If you are hoping to meet someone special, why not just ask your friends to set you up on dates? There's a good chance that one of your pals will make an ideal match for you.

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Another possibility is that this year you will consider giving one of your exes a second chance. That might occur from March 4 - April 15, while Venus is retrograde. She'll be retrograde specifically in your true love sector until April 2, and then will finish the remainder of her retrograde in your home and family sector. As a result, you might reconnect with one of your exes and struggle with whether or not to reunite. Your family won't help in this situation, since they'll likely rehash all of the negative aspects of your relationship without looking into why you fell in love with this person in the first place. Only you can make this important decision, but please, don't rush. Wait until after Venus is back in direct motion before making that critical choice.

It's worth the work

If you are already dating someone, this Venus retrograde phase might point your attention to areas where your current lover isn't meeting your relationship needs. Work on it -- if the love is there, then the two of you have a fighting chance. 

Romantic matters are quite positive for you on May 19, and again on November 11 when Saturn, now in your sign, will link up to Uranus, the planet of revolution, in your true love sector. You'll have an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds -- a stable and exciting romance. Nice!

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