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Taurus 2017 Horoscope

Learning great lessons

In some ways, 2017 will be a year you look back on as a time of tending to your personal garden in order to flourish remarkably in the years to come. It's not that you won't enjoy periods of glorious opportunity -- you will. It is vital, however, for you to take the cosmic landscape of 2017 seriously in order to nourish your physical body as well rejuvenate your spirit.

You'll be on familiar territory with financial repairs as well -- and this will last until December 2017. Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation, but also responsibility and maturity, has been in your 8th House of Shared Resources since late December 2014, so his presence is no stranger to you. You've already felt the pinch of his lesson as it relates to you learning how to get by in the material world without having as much support from others. Although it might have felt is if you were tested to the limit in a situation related to taxes, loans, insurance, or inheritance, the most difficult of Saturn's tests are behind you, since they were most troubling back in 2016. This year, Saturn will wrap up his lesson in teaching you how to build a solid financial future without relying on others much, but you are in a position to show Saturn exactly what you're made of. You, Taurus, are a financial sign after all, and if there is anyone capable of figuring out how to manage money, it is you.

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Making repairs

This year, Saturn receives help on two separate occasions -- May 19 and November 11 -- from Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments. Uranus is nestled in your 12th House of Hidden Matters, which will open the door for an unexpected and possibly secret way of receiving assistance. A plan is opening up for you to handle your financial world with an original, even ingenious, strategy. Keep your eyes on the prize.

While you're tending your financial garden, the universe also wants you to pay attention to your well-being. Jupiter will be in your 6th House of Health and Work Matters until October 10, 2017. Jupiter's function is to blow up an area of your life so that you can see it clearly. It's like a cosmic magnifying glass that reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly. But Jupiter doesn't want you to focus on the negative -- he wants you to heal it. As a result, he'll help you get through any health situation that might come up or that you are already trying to repair. 

You'll also be quite busy at work this year, collaborating with others on many assignments and projects. A happy Lunar Eclipse in your career sector on August 7 might see the realization of a major endeavor that is ready to go public. It will solidify your reputation in your industry. Others might even call you a visionary!

Patience is a virtue

Venus, your ruling planet, will have a retrograde phase this year, from March 4 - April 15. You might work through a personally troubling situation during the time that Venus is retrograde in your 12th house (until April 2). Or, it's possible that you'll be revamping a behind-the-scenes project that will eventually change your money-making ability in a pioneering way. Be patient during this time and know that the universe does have a plan.

After October 10, you'll be ready to make important commitments in business and personal relationships. Jupiter will move into your partnership sector at this time, and by December 2, when Jupiter is at a perfect angle to Neptune, you may very well have a dream come true thanks to someone close to you.

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