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Taurus 2017 Love Horoscope

Changing circumstances

The best is yet to come, Taurus. This will certainly be a vital year for love, but it looks like you'll have to exercise your signature patience before you relish the most unencumbered romantic moments with someone special.

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Carrying the weight

Saturn, the planet of lessons and maturity, will continue to tour your 8th House of Shared Resources. As a result, you're still in a karmic phase of learning how to go it alone in terms of the material world we live in. Not being able to rely on your partner's money for a variety of reasons is likely. You might have turned into the breadwinner in order to help support your mate while he or she is pursuing a career change. Or, it's possible that you are in a relationship with someone who is struggling financially, and you've chosen to help him or her out. There are an endless number of possible scenarios, but the theme is the same: even if you're in a relationship, you are going to need to pull most of the financial weight in the coming year. Don't worry, it will teach you more than you ever realized about your own resourcefulness.

Meanwhile, Venus, your ruling planet, will move retrograde from March 4 - April 15, primarily in your hidden 12th House of Escape. As a result, you might decide to speak to a therapist during this time about any short circuits in your current relationship. If you're not dating anyone, this will be a good time to talk to someone about what might be blocking you from real love.

Reaping rewards

The good news is that you will receive a magnificent relationship reward after October 10. This is when Jupiter, the planet of luck, will enter your partnership sector for the first time in nearly 12 years. He'll remain in this area of your chart for most of 2018, but by late 2017 you'll surely notice that things are changing in your love life. A real commitment with someone you know you can count on is likely. Yes!

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