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April 2013 Horoscope

Live in the Moment

April starts with a passion for life that can make us believe anything is possible -- at least for a moment. This sense of freedom is primarily fueled by the expressive Sun's presence in spontaneous Aries. This first sign of the zodiac is about living in the moment and taking risks.

Aries' assertive ruling planet Mars joins magnetic Venus on April 7, bringing out the lover and artist in everyone. Taking the initiative to connect with someone new or to refresh a current relationship can be done with charm and grace. The union of these two planets is also helpful for creative projects, as Venus represents art and beauty and Mars has the capacity to put those images and ideas into action.

The excitement of the Venus-Mars conjunction reaches an even higher level with their close proximity to the Aries New Moon on April 10. In some ways this is the true beginning of the astrological year, as it ignites a spirit of enthusiasm and a desire to break out of routine patterns. Starting projects comes easily, but follow-through could be a challenge with so many planets in impetuous Aries. Mental Mercury joins the party on April 13, which increases the potential for popping out original ideas, yet also undermines patience and often narrows thinking.

We start to feel a shift in the cosmic winds when sweet Venus enters her earthy home sign of Taurus on April 15. This pleasurable transit brings a more sensual approach to life that encourages us to slow down and smell the roses. Finding beauty and joy without working hard for it teaches us how to receive and appreciate the gifts of nature and the comfort of undemanding partners, friends and colleagues.

However, edgy Aries energy is also present when the Sun joins Mars in this sign on April 17. Anger, aggression and unwillingness to compromise may undercut cooperation, but it can also liberate individual power and encourage bold, innovative and independent action.

The Sun's ingress into cozy Taurus on April 19 should slow down bodies and connect us with the earth. Self-acceptance and patience are upsides of this transit, but self-indulgence, stubbornness and lethargy are its weak points.

Minds will still be moving at high speed, though, when Mercury joins electrifying Uranus on April 20, producing shockwaves of awareness that light up our brains. Brilliant, weird and strange thoughts and conversations jack up our nervous systems, reveal fresh perspectives and spark innovative thinking.

Mars enters Taurus the same day, and the warrior planet turns into a farmer. Finding a gentler pace and cutting back on confrontation should produce a more peaceful environment, but that easygoing attitude is unlikely to be obvious until high frequency Mercury-Uranus conjuncts starts to fade in a couple of days.

The Scorpio Full Moon on April 25 could bog us down in power plays or frustration with bullies and other unmovable forces. Stern Saturn's conjunction with the emotionally intense Moon can build up pressure if feelings are repressed. Mars' conjunction with the opposing Taurus Sun tempts us to meet resistance with force. While a long struggle might ensue, the benefit of this lunation is that our deepest desires encounter external realities to make us aware of the commitment needed to overcome obstacles and fulfill our needs.

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