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April 2013 Love Horoscope

Stable relations

Self-interest may not sound romantic, but could be the key to relationship success for the first half of this month. Amorous Venus is in independent Aries where addressing our own needs takes priority over attending to others. This doesn't mean that selfishness is appropriate in every situation, but it does suggest that knowing what you want and making sure that you're entertained can be a strong jumping off point to more enjoyable connections with others.

On April 6 Venus joins passionate Mars to intensify desires for intimate interaction. But since this is happening in spontaneous Aries, making plans is less likely to be successful than taking chances and playing it by ear. New people and experiences could be exceptionally exciting and a fresh appearance should boost self- confidence.

The April 10 Aries New Moon picks up on this impulsively adventurous trend to keep the desire intense stimulation alive. There's a shift on April 15 when Venus enters her earthy home sign, Taurus, and begins to stabilize relationships. An appreciation for sensual pleasures grows and a willingness to move more slowly can make us a feel a little more grounded.

The willful Sun enters Taurus on April 19 and hot Mars does the same on the following day. Self-indulgence is a risk with these planets in the sign of the Bull. However, this taste for familiar and comforting experiences can make us risk averse and resistant to change. While deliciously indulging in some of our favorite things is pleasant ... becoming overly rigid or stubborn is its downside.

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