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Aquarius Horoscope: April 2013

Stop, Look and Listen

You can charm the birds right out of the trees this month with several planets rolling through enthusiastic Aries and your 3rd House of Communication. And even if you don't get what you want, you'll have a lot of fun trying. The pioneering Aries New Moon lands in this chatty part of your chart on April 10, hooking up with creative lovers Venus and Mars to put a twinkle in your eye and a sparkle in your speech, making this a great time to jump into an artistic project. Your capacity for pleasure grows, and lively connections with others should come easily.

However, a more sobering moment arrives when strict Saturn forms a corrective quincunx to independent Uranus on April 12. This aspect first occurred on November 15, 2012, possibly derailing an original plan or a break for freedom. It's time to adjust your course so that you can keep the essence of a revolutionary idea instead of having it completely fall apart with the final Saturn-Uranus quincunx on October 5.

Your thinking speeds up when quick-witted Mercury zips into fast-moving Aries on April 13, but lovable Venus ambles into leisurely Taurus and your domestic 4th House on April 15, slowing things down at home. Taking time to explore sensual delights and beautify your environment enriches your life. While you continue to sizzle with hot new ideas, the shifts of the Sun and Mars into Taurus on April 19 and 20 are not-so-subtle reminders to pace yourself.

Caution is also called for on April 25, when the emotionally intense Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse joins ethical Saturn in your 10th House of Career, challenging you to face the music and make a major decision in your professional life.

Keep in Mind this Month

No matter how quickly your brain races, slow down to consider your options. Besides, taking the scenic route provides delight you won't find in the fast lane.

Key Dates for Aquarius

April 6-7: Tunnel of Love

Believing in illusions is tempting as insistent Mars and enchanting Venus form anxious semisquares with surreal Neptune on April 6. Romantic fantasies and artistic flights of fancy are wonderful, but don't bet your heart or spend your money on anything less than a sure thing. The urgency to jump into someone's arms or into an irresistible project intensifies with a Venus-Mars conjunction on April 7. The heat of your enthusiasm is palpable and encourages you to take risks both personally and professionally. Just consider this a test drive instead of a long-term commitment.


April 20-22: Genius at Work

Your ability to think outside the box can lead to breakthroughs in awareness on April 20, thanks to the intellectual electricity of an incandescent but nervous Mercury-Uranus conjunction. Still, you must remain patient and pragmatic with Mercury's square to exacting Pluto on April 21. Purging unessential information reveals what's most important, which can earn you trust from others when Venus opposes stern Saturn on April 22.

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